The Journey

The Journey – Avery

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It was a night in July when I was browsing the web to find the best activewear that fits me best as I was laying on the bed. That was when I came across another lady entrepreneur who had her own line of activewear. It gave me an idea to create my own collection, as fashion has always been a part of my life. At this point, JJ came in the room and suggested that we create a platform that bring foreign exciting activewear brands to Malaysia. That was when Fitmall was born.

When we committed to Fitmall, I took lead on product sourcing as I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I realised that me and my partner JJ’s passion towards fitness were aligned. After finding out about the athleisure trend, we both fell for it. That was when we made our first financial commitment to Fitmall by purchasing products for testing.

We soon discovered FIBO (the leading fitness convention in the fitness industry). We bought our flight and FIBO tickets without hesitation. This trip was about to be the turning point for me as an entrepreneur. Throughout the three days at FIBO, I learned a lot of things that helped in growing my self-confidence. I had the chance to talk to many suppliers from the event and we managed to make acquaintance with most of them. As the person in charge of product sourcing, I was able to learn the ins and outs of communicating with suppliers, including the fulfillments that are needed from my end to ensure that the dealings were good.

As soon as we got back from FIBO, we instantly started with the back-end setup of Fitmall that includes office searching, office decoration, company name, logo design, and website development. A few days later, we made our first recruitment, Iqbal. He is in charge of writing contents for Fitmall. As suppliers require Fitmall’s company background before putting us into consideration, JJ & Iqbal worked on making the company profile to present Fitmall nicely to our suppliers, while I continued my search for brands that are suitable for the Malaysian market. After the company profile was completed, the communication with the suppliers became easier.

From that point, I started reaching out to more suppliers to share Fitmall’s goals and value. I can still remember our first successful supplier partnership (a Singaporean brand). It was a very delightful experience. Especially when we see that our goals and values were aligned. So we immediately requested samples from them, which arrived very quickly. After the products passed our quality and functionality test, we immediately put down our first order. After three days, we received our first inventory for Fitmall. Ever since then, many suppliers were more keen to work with us. We also make it a procedure to always test the products quality and functionality before making it available in Fitmall.

As Fitmall started developing, my fitness journey was progressing as well. Since my body is already on the lean side, my goal was to build more muscle strength. When I started working out, I set a short term goal for myself, which is being able to lift a barbell. After 1 month of consistent training, I’m now proud to say that my goal to lift a barbell has already been achieved. This made me more motivated to achieve more goals and now I strongly believe that fitness can really change your productivity and health. I can vouch for it.

Fitness has given me a positive impact in both entrepreneurship and life. You will face a lot of problems in life. But as long as you keep a positive attitude towards the problem, you will succeed. Just like the problem I faced when I couldn’t pick up heavy weights, I maintained a positive attitude and continued working hard until I eventually was able to lift a barbell. I am very grateful to take on this eye-opening journey. Now I’m more determined than ever and I will continue setting realistic goals for me to achieve. Nothing can deter me from my goals, as no problem is too big that can’t be fixed.



接下来的时间,我们时间很自由,骏提议说不如我们去健身吧,他的用意是健身可以自律自己,天天有个目标去完成,不会因此而堕落也失去找目标的热忱。我刚开始其实也不是很明白,到底健身给我身体上的改变以外,心理上还有什么变化。之后,我们开始上网搜索新手怎么开始健身。健身,「三分靠练,七分靠吃」,我们当时候吃的都是低油低盐的,差不多一个月之后,骏就在网上看到有健身爱好者教学煮,才发现原来如果每天摄取的卡路里有在一定的范围内是可以吃很多东西的,当时多开心啊!嘉骏就开了一个excel file 把所有我们会吃的食材放去里面,让我们可以方便算每天该摄取的蛋白质和卡路里。之后我们每天的行程都很规律,算好隔天要吃的食物,隔天早上起来煮,然后去公司,上网搜寻有什么领域的企业可以做,然后差不多5点的时候,我们就会去健身。



9月1号,我们正式开业,当时只有我和骏两个人工作,我负责找产品,而骏负责marketing和整合团队,过几天就请了iqba我们的第一个员工,他负责content writing。当时候我们接搓商家时知道他们需要公司的背景资料很介绍,他们两就在两天内把一个ppt for 商家的做好,让我能够顺利的和商家沟通。

我那时候每一天都发很多个email给不同地区和国家的商家祈求合作机会,我记得第一次成交的商家是新加坡的一个品牌,当下得到回复我真的超开心的,而且商家人很好,他也认可我们的模式,我们当下就先立即买样品,隔天就下订单,3天后我们就收到货了。那时候的心情真的无法形容,太开心了,第一批货到手了, 真的很感动。有了第一家的经验以后,过几家也陆陆续续顺利的合作。


在健身房有很多个区域,我一开始也不敢去重训区那里训练,我觉得我不会做动作很害羞,当时我看到bar bell 我很想拿,但是我实在抬不起,我就让自己设立了几个小目标,一开始先在自由区,跟着youtube的视频拿哑铃做训练,让自己慢慢增加力量。当我发现我的力量增加以后我就去重训区,当时我觉得我的心态上也改变了,我记得我看过一个youtuber说过,你去健身房绝对不要害羞,不要总认为有人看着你,其实没有人会理你在干嘛的。我就抱着这个心态,直接到重训区开始训练。但当时我的力量也没办法拿bar bell ,我又给自己设了小目标,就是每次训练的时候都要增加重量。终于一个月后,我拿得起bar bell了看,我才发现,原来力量是可以被训练的。