5 Adventurous Dating Ideas

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Are you tired of dating at shopping malls where everything is almost the same? Well here’s a list of ideas you can consider for your next date. First on our list;

1. Visit The Zoo

A great way to discover different living things on the planet is by visiting zoos. You’ll be amazed of what kind of creatures you don’t normally stumble upon on a daily basis. There are lots of zoos available here in Malaysia or you can always visit parks and farms like Kl Bird Park or Farm in The City that can give you a more close-up experience.

2. Seek Thrilling Experiences

If you and your partner are thrill seekers, a theme park is definitely a must-go. You can create wonderful memories by winning your girlfriend a teddy bear when playing those arcade games. If that’s not your thing, you can try extreme parks for more extreme activities. Skytrex Adventures in Shah Alam has a lot of extreme activities you can try. It’s a great way to support your partner mentally and physically.

3. Buy Tickets to a Haunted House

No, not an actual haunted house of course. At least not the ones that ends up with either you or your partner being possessed by an evil demon. Imagine how disastrously unromantic that would be. There’s always the haunted houses created by humans like the Sunway Lagoon Scream Park that gives a close to real-life ghost encounter experience. Guys, this is the time to show the ladies how brave you are.

4. Food Hunting

This might be the most common thing couples in Malaysia do. But what most couples do is just hunt food at expensive cafes and restaurants. You need to spice things up by searching for the best street foods here in Malaysia. After all, Malaysia is known for delicious and mouth watering foods.

5. Go Hiking

This might a common idea, but hiking is a timeless adventurous activity that can trigger excitement. If you choose the right place, you might enjoy a breathtaking view at the top of the mountain or hill and take the mandatory Instagram pictures. You can try these spots for hiking:
1. Broga Hill
2. Gunung Datuk
3. Bukit Gasing
4. Bukit Tabur

There you have it. Say no more to boring dates. Go on an adventurous date that can create a lot of fun memories with your loved one. Just make sure you wear the right attire for the Extreme Activities. Do you have a better dating idea than the ones listed above? Let us know in the section below.

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