How to Maintain a New Year’s Fitness Resolution

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Before you start signing up for a gym membership, buying a new sports shoe, and buy home workout equipment, you need to ask yourself. Why do you want to workout? Do you have the answer? Good. Now lets list down the dos and don’ts to kick things off.

Make a schedule
What people often overlook when they want to start working out is the need of having a well-planned schedule. Once you have that checked, try your absolute best to follow the schedule. What helps is by allocating the right amount of time that is convenient to you. If you are working the normal 9 to 6, it shouldn’t be a problem taking a 30 mins to 1 hour workout after workout.

Set achievable goals
Goals are just goals until you achieve it. Not being able to achieve a goal will demotivate you to go further. Here’s how you can do it. Set weekly or monthly or even daily goals that will lead up to the main goal of the year. Let’s say your resolution is to run for a full 42km marathon. Don’t set your goal for the first month to run for 42km. Start small with maybe 10km. Once you achieve the 10km, you can add another 10km in the next month. Do this for following months until you get to the 42km mark. This method will keep you stay motivated.

Get enough rest
This is the most important part in maintaining your fitness resolution. Getting enough rest is essential for continuous progress. Lack of rest will cause exhaustion, which in result will cause energy drop. The key to having a good exercise is by having enough energy for the exercise. Without energy, your workout will not be effective. This is going to be a hard pill to swallow but you need to sleep early. 7 hours of sleep should do the job. Once your body syncs with your sleeping schedule, doing this won’t be a problem.

Always remind yourself
We are only human and we often forget thing. We also forget stuff that’s important. Hustling with your career is a respectable thing. But getting caught up with work will often be a problem. To avoid losing track of time, set reminders for yourself. The easiest way is setting reminders in your phone. You can also get creative by putting some sticky notes on your fridge or in your bedroom mirror because that is where you look the most.

Share the experience
Achieving small goals can be very exciting. You can make it more fun by sharing what you’ve achieved so far. Talking to a close friend or family will help you a lot. But you can also try sharing your achievement on social media. Aside from giving yourself a positive mindset, there will be a high possibility for people listening or hearing about your story to do the same. Your positiveness will have a domino effect on your surroundings.

What is your resolution? Do you have a strong plan to achieve it? Let us know in the comment section below. Share this post if you find it helpful.

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