Being in a happy relationship can be a lot of fun. Or not. Well, on the plus side, you will always someone’s shoulder to cry on. But, there is a downside being in a happy relationship. What many don’t know or notice is that happy couples tend to gain weight significantly after some years. Researchers confirmed that this is a fact and they also found that happy couples tend to gain 1.8kg per year on average. This can be a good thing if you and your partner are having trouble in gaining weight. But what if you are already overweight?

So what should you do if you notice yourself gaining weight while being in a relationship? Have you ever heard a saying that goes “couples who lift together, stay together”? Well it’s true. But you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym and lift weights with your partner. You can try other exercises like jogging, badminton, swimming, etc. Here are some advantages if you exercise with a partner.

Stay motivated
As a normal human being, we tend to get demotivated when doing some exercise after a while. It’s really hard to stay motivated when you are doing it alone. That’s why you need a partner that can always hype you up and give you the support you need to stay healthy. When your partner is always motivated to stay healthy, it will naturally urge you to do the same.

Healthy competition
When working out with a partner, it gives you a sense of competition. A competition that will benefit both you and your partner. The competition might unconsciously happen or you both can agree to set a certain short-term goal and the first one to achieve it wins. I’ll leave the prizes up to your imagination.

Goals are more achievable
Achieving goals is a great mood booster. It will make you want more and more. The best part about having a partner is that you can share your goals with them and whenever you’re having doubts with your capability, you have your partner to always remind you that anything is possible.

Strengthens relationship
Bonding over normal dates are okay. But working out or exercising together with your significant other is bonding on another level. It helps you connect emotionally and physically. There is no stronger bond than the ones happens through exercising.

If you have an ideal partner who is into fitness or wants to live a healthy lifestyle, seize the opportunity and make the best of your relationship. If you are single and ready to mingle, now is the time to find the right one.

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