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Fitmall is the leading online fitness essentials provider. Find what you need to achieve your fitness goals here. We have high-quality brands for the enthusiasts and the medium-end brands for the minimalists. The extensive selection that we have enables us to offer essentials from fitness apparels and accessories, to nutritions that give you the extra boost for your workout. In terms of apparels, we offer a wide range of selection for different types of people who look for different features in their activewear.

Fitmall is an online fitness essential provider curating high-quality brands from different parts of the world to give the fitness enthusiasts a wide range of selection of fitness goods. Find any fitness related items from apparels, accessories, and nutritions here.

Malaysians have been lacking choices when it comes to buying their activewear. The ones that we have in the market currently is either too expensive or too common. That is why Fitmall wants to offer the market refreshing brands that are tried and tested beforehand. The products we handpick are curated for the youth between the age of 20 to 35 years old who are already living the fitness lifestyle, just started venturing into fitness, or just simply want to look good.

The Malaysian fitness market is stacked with either expensive or common choices. That is why Fitmall is offering the market refreshing items that have been tested and tried before letting our customers ranging from 20 – 35 years old to enjoy the experience.

It excites us to be able to share these brands with the Malaysian market and offer amazing deals from time to time. If you enjoy high-quality products that won’t break the bank, then look no further.


Our founder is a fitness enthusiast. As he was scouring the internet to find stylish and functional gym wear that rarely found in Malaysia. The issue in buying an activewear is that normal activewear has functions but lacks style. While the ones that are stylish and functional comes with an aggressive price tag. That’s when the idea of Fitmall came in. He wanted to put all the brands for different types of people in one place and make it accessible for the Malaysian market.

The fitness enthusiasts in Malaysian have not much option when it comes to buying the perfect activewear that they desire other than the norm. The idea of Fitmall is to break the norm and give consumers as much options as possible. The founders handpicked and tested the potential brands before putting in in Fitmall. It’s safe to say that all the brands in Fitmall are high quality brands with an affordable price tag. We have wide range of selection in terms of apparel. The point is to share these products with the fitness community here in Malaysia. The products available in Fitmall are stylish and functional and it is catered for different types of people that have different needs.

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